Professional Production Management Software for rotational molding facilities

What is RotoEdge Pro?

Running a rotational molding machine with multiple arms and molds can be stressful and mistakes can be costly, leading to late shipments and frustrated customers. With more than one machine or multiple plants, problems can multiply many times over. But now there is an answer! RotoEdge Pro is the solution that brings control to the chaos you are feeling.  A professional scheduling program written by a rotational molding company that brings control to the sometimes disordered effort of managing a rotational molding plant. RotoEdge Pro brings future planning from weeks to month out to allow smart decisions, labor planning, and better inventory control. 

A proud member of ARM, RotoEdge Pro received wide acceptance from association members as presented by President Jon Smalley at 2022's ARM Executive Forum Conference. The only plant management and roto molding machine scheduling program commercially available.

It's Time to Ditch the Spreadsheets.

Yes, Microsoft Excel is cheap and on every computer. But it doesn’t catch critical data entry errors, disperse extra work to load arms and machines accurately, or show opportunities to maximizing capacity. The worse part? The history of production is a stack on excel sheets in the corner.  How did production go last week or last month? All we can look at is sales numbers. It’s time for something better, something that was designed specifically for Rotational Molding.

RotoEdge Pro

  • Plan your production, don’t just react to what happened yesterday.
  • Schedule work weeks and months out.
  • Keep track of individual order at multiple stages in your factory.
  • Take a proactive approach to reducing the manufacturing of bad product.
  • Share detailed quality control information with the workers making the product.
  • A built in MRP program supports all aspects of molding and assembly.

All of this is happening in REAL-TIME.

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Common Issues Before RotoEdge Pro

  • Difficult and costly to plan weeks out.
  • Needing daily part counts to track molded and finished progress.
  • Unreliable scrapped items count and/or rate.
  • Constantly checking inventory.
  • Losing production on machines.
  • Losing product in general.
  • Dedicated personnel for data entry.

The RotoEdge Pro Answer

  • Plan weeks and even months in advance.  
  • View molded progress of any order at any time.
  • View detailed statistics on scrapped items and rate of scrapped items.
  • No more walking to the plant floor double checking product counts.

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